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About Carmen & Son

Carmen & Son is a publishing company registered in Houston, Texas, USA committed to publish five important and critical books to start living life under a new perspective, so they can make easier the difficult task of living. Each of the five books will help you understand the part of our life that the book covers. The five books together will help you understand life as a whole.

To get what you want in life, you just need to change your way of thinking by orienting your thoughts towards what you want to accomplish.

Our Books

The first book will answer a critical question in the life of every human being. It will tell you how we got here from the mere beginning to where we are today: from the creation of the universe to the evolution of the human being. By learning this process of evolution we will have a better understanding of what we are and where we come from. Knowing all about the epic of the being to become human is really amazing and will give us a great sense of accomplishment to know what we have done and gone thru to be us.

The second book is also an answer to another critical question for our life and the civilization we created and developed. If human beings of today would have known in the first place how we got here and how our ancestors built this civilization, then there should be a mandatory claim to ourselves about the path our civilization is taking. The latest events that politicians are taking about the future of our world is something worrying. But the saddest part is that nobody seems to care. The whole world is just sleeping. This book will help you understand what is going on the world so you can make a right decision whenever you are presented with the opportunity to do something.

The third book is what we, at Carmen & Son, consider to be our great contribution to humanity: “Life Under A New Perspective” And the reason for such a strong affirmation is because after knowing how we got here and how we built this civilization and the way it is going to, then we, the people, should do something to protect the work of more than two million years of our ancestors and secure success for the new generations. And in order to do so, we have to learn how to live our life under a new perspective. This book will help you understand that the problems we have today is a product of our thoughts. Therefore, to solve our problems we have to adopt a deeper or a more advanced way of thinking, and to orient our thoughts towards what we want to accomplish. Just remember, the difference between being prosperous or being poor is the way we think. Thoughts make us what we are.

The fourth book will be about giving an answer to the most important five mysteries of our life: life itself is a mystery, reincarnation, destiny, god, and death are the other mysteries. In this book we will basically reveal each of these mysteries. Now, why? Simply, because false beliefs create a limitation to the mind of human being to resolve their problems. So, if we would learn all of the facts about these mysteries, we could be more open-minded to separate misconception from reality. Consequently, we can make better decision on issues affecting directly our life, when those issue are based on our believing.

The fifth book, tells us about the different ways the author of these five books took to accomplish what he wanted to do for his life. Of course, it took him a long, long time to achieve his goal. But after realizing that by learning the knowledge presented on the first four books, a personal goal could be accomplished in a shorter time, then we decided to include this fifth book to complete the series of 5.

The Author

The author of our 5 books is Ivanni Delgado, who was born in 1951 and is an engineering graduate from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma with a master in business from Northeastern State University of Talehquah, Oklahoma. He is also a member of Texas Association of Authors.