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About Carmen & Son

Carmen & Son is a publishing company registered in Houston, Texas, USA committed to publish five important and critical books to start living life under a new perspective, so they can make easier the difficult task of living. Each of the five books will help you understand the part of our life that the book covers. The five books together will help you understand life as a whole.

To get what you want in life, you just need to change your way of thinking by orienting your thoughts towards what you want to accomplish.

Our Books

The first book "How We Got Here" answers a critical question in the life of every human being. It will tell you how we got here from the beginning up to where we are today: from the formation of the universe to the evolution of the human being. By knowing this process of evolution, we will have a better understanding of who we are and where we come from. Knowing everything about the history of being to be human is really fascinating and will give us a great sense of accomplishment to know what we have done and everything we have gone through to be us.

The second book "Where This Civilization Is Going" is also an answer to another critical question for our life and the civilization that we have created and developed. This book will help us understand the whole history of our civilization and also it will help us understand what is happening in the world today so we can make the right decision when we are presented with the opportunity to do something. If today's human beings had known in the first place how we got here and how our ancestors built this civilization, then there should be a mandatory claim on the path our civilization is taking. Some of the events that politicians have taken on the recent past, about the future of our world is something worrisome. But the saddest part is that nobody cared. The whole world is sleeping.

The third book is what we, at Carmen & Son, consider our great contribution to humanity: "Life Under A New Perspective". And the reason for such a strong affirmation is because after knowing how we got here and how we build this civilization and see the way it is going, then we, the people, can do something to protect the work of more than 5 million years of our ancestors and ensure success for the new generations. And to do it, we have to learn to live our life under a new perspective. This book will help you to understand that the problems we have today is a product of our thoughts. Therefore, to solve our problems we have to adopt a deeper or more advanced way of thinking. The book will also help you to orient your thoughts to achieve what you want. Just remember that the difference between being prosperous and being poor is in our way of thinking. Thoughts make us what we are.

The fourth book "5 Mysteries of Life" tries to clarify these 5 important mysteries in our life: How did it all come about? Are we alone; Life; Destiny; Death; and God. In this book we will basically reveal each of these mysteries. Now why? Quite simply, because false beliefs create a limitation to the human mind when trying to solve their problems. Therefore, if we know all the facts about these mysteries, we could be more open to separate a misconception from reality. Consequently, we can make a better decision about issues that directly affect our lives, when those issues are based on our belief.

The fifth book "The Meanders Of My Life" tells us all the turns that the author had to take to achieve what he wanted to be and do in his life. Of course, going around a lot would take much longer than if he had taken a straight line to reach his goal. But after realizing that once we know where we want to go and with some planning, any goal could be achieved in less time, following a straight path.

The Author

The author of our 5 books is Ivanni Delgado, who was born in 1951 and is a graduate engineer from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, with an MBA from Northeastern State University in Talehquah, Oklahoma. He is a member of the Texas Authors Association and author of the books: "How We Got Here"; "Where Is This Civilization Going"; "Life Under A New Perspective"; "5 Mysteries of Life"; and "The Meanders Of My Life".

He wrote "How We Got Here" to answer one of the most important questions about the existence of the human being and with it opens an enlightened look at the past that can change our future. This book captures our entire history from the formation of the universe, the stars, our solar system, the Earth, the life in it, how that life left the great ocean of the Earth to conquer the surface and how it evolved after swimming, crawling, walk and even fly. Until we finally become human beings, capable of conquering the world and building the civilization that we have today.

He wrote "Where This Civilization Is Going" to narrate how our civilization originated and developed and the events that have led it to where it is today. He think that if we do not do the right thing now, life will change drastically, so people must know the origin of our civilization to avoid its collapse, due to the dangerous trend it leads.

"Life Under A New Perspective" was written with the purpose of helping people in the difficult task of living. The inspiration came after seeing much of humanity today in the midst of so much calamity and, what is worse, so much hopelessness. Ivanni thinks that this should be a cause for enormous reflection on the part of each and every one of us. We are the product of our thoughts and everything we do, good or bad, will be a consequence of them. That wise thought of those men and women who brought us here has disappeared with them. That thought was logical, creative, and positive, and it gave us a certain prosperity and happiness, so we should never abandon that thought, on the contrary, we should have deepened it to make it more advanced.

He wrote "5 Mysteries Of Life" to unveil and solve these mysteries, given the impact they have on people's lives, so that they can evaluate their beliefs and have a more open mind to see their world with more objectivity to build their future and enjoy a better life.

He wrote “The Meanders Of My Life” to tell the story of his life from his birth to where he is now. To do this, it had to follow many meanders, just as the river does to reach its end. The purpose of the book is to show that with knowledge and planning of where we want to go, we can do it by following a straight line.