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How We Got Here

At present people perceive the world full of many calamities and above all with much uncertainty. This is due to the worrying deterioration of society, economy, and safety. The future of the people, as well as that of humanity itself, looks not so clear. This of course can undermine the desire to stay ahead, because some people think that there is not much that can be done to improve the situation. However, after we know how we got here, our perception of life can be very different. Above all, when we meet Homo Sapiens, our ancestor who achieved the great feat of bringing us here. This wise man built the world in which we live today. For this, he had to go through all kind of adversity, because the world was not yet made, he had to do it and we inherited it from him to enjoy a much more comfortable life. Therefore, before all the calamities and all the uncertainty of today, we must become Homo Sapiens, wise men again. Wisdom consists in accumulating the necessary knowledge and then using it to improve our lives and ours. That is exactly what Homo Sapiens did. Today we are in better conditions than him to achieve a better life. Yes, we can make it!

This book will help you understand the origin and evolution of the universe, the Earth and the life in it. And how that life came out of the ocean to conquer the surface and continue its evolutionary path to form the first reptiles, mammals, primates and finally human beings.

Know how we got here to better choose where to go.

About the Autor

Ivanni Delgado wrote "How We Got Here" with the purpose of helping answer one of the most important questions about the existence of the human being. Well, he thinks that, with this response, we can know the entire evolutionary process that we have gone through to get where we are today. Knowing the history of the being to be human is really fascinating and will give us a great sense of achievement to know what we have done and everything we have gone through to be us. Knowing where we are coming from will help us choose better where to go. It will be an enlightened look of the past that will change your future.

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