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Where This Civilization Is Going

The people who preceded us, thanks to their talent, built the first civilizations from Mesopotamia to Egypt and then to India and China until reaching the western world. For this they developed agriculture, with which wealth and power arose. They also developed science and invented writing. The people who preceded us also developed revolutions, cultures, wars, towns, and cities, and even empires. Over the years, people developed democracy and capitalism, with which the countries that adopted them managed to obtain a stable and prosperous economy. In today's world, however, a series of events are taking place, such as political, economic, and social problems, and to top it off, a coronavirus has emerged that has put the entire world in serious difficulties. All of these problems have deeply hit our civilization, which is taking a dangerous trend, so we the people must do something to prevent its collapse.

Learn about the origin of civilization to avoid its collapse

About the Autor

Ivanni Delgado wrote "Where This Civilization Is Going" to narrate how our civilization originated and developed and the events that have brought it to where it is today. He thinks that if we do not do the right thing now, life will change drastically, so people must know the origin of our civilization to avoid its collapse, due to the dangerous tendency it carries.

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