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The Meanders Of My Life

The human being, like the river, have always had to go around a lot or keep meandering to get to what they want to achieve. However, to get directly to where we want, we can do it by following a straight line. This book talks about all the turns that the author had to give to achieve what he wanted to be and do in his life. Of course, by doing many laps would take much longer than if he had taken a straight line to reach his goal. But after realizing that, by learning the knowledge presented in the first four books, a personal goal with planning about what you want to achieve could be achieved in a shorter time, so we decided to include this fifth book to complete the series of 5.

Following a straight path can shorten the time to achieve our goal

About the Autor

Ivanni Delgado wrote “The Meanders Of My Life” to tell the story of his life from his birth to where he is now. To do this, it had to follow many meanders, just as the river does to reach its end. The purpose of the book is to show that with knowledge and planning of where we want to go, we can do it by following a straight line.

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